Our Beers

2 Gatsbys

A very simple Belgian Dubbel. We added Molasses for color to make up for having the wrong candi syrup on hand and liked it so much we left it in. A very nice beer, with a very nice color and taste. A favorite among our staff.

Current Recipe Details.

Brewed on 7/16/2016.

4 Gatsbys

Our Belgian Quad: 2 Gatsbys with twice the grain.

Current Recipe Details.

Brewed on 11/23/2016. Currently still conditioning.

666 Merrill

A delicious vanilla porter with a touch of the Devil’s Cut.

Brewed on 1/18/2017


Bella’s Brown



LMB probably stands for “you’ll Love My Beer.” LMB is an American stout aged on wood and sometimes with a hint of Jameson or Rye.

The first two batches were made with this kit.

Current Recipe Details.

Brewed on 1/3/2016 and 6/20/2016.


A Belgian ale dry hopped into something a bit sweeter. The first beer, the original of our endeavor.

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Brewed on 11/1/2015, 2/21/2016, 4/17/2016, and 11/3/2016.

Paleozoic Blonde


Patti’s Wit

Rat Bastard Strong Ale

A backwards-hopped strong ale, SMASH style.

Brewed on 1/31/2016 and 2/19/2017

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The Rat’s Ass

The Rat’s ass uses the leftover grain bed from the Rat Bastard, along with whatever else was loose and floating around.

Brewed on 2/19/2017

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Probably the best Trappist Ale brewed in Park Ridge.

Brewed on 11/22/2016

Uncle Ray’s

Unnamed 2 Hearted Clone

Unnamed American Pale Ale

This forgettable American Pale was reportedly brewed once.

Unnamed Cider

Unnamed Cranberry Wine

Unnamed Oberon Clone

Unnamed Rye Saison

Recipe Details

Velo Vinter Vintage Ale

White Whale