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Cold Steeping Grains

Crystal Malt vs. Caramel Malt, Are they the same?

Homebrewtalk: Yes
Brulosophy: Yes
Homebrew StackXChange: Not really
Beersmith: Yes
Breiss: Sometimes?

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Kentucky Common

Kentucky Common “Kiss Yer Cousin” Rye Kentucky Common Ale, the Genesis of the Deathtrap Recipe 

Kentucky Common – An Almost Forgotten Style 2014 Handout


< href="">Kveik World Order

Mead Making

How to Make Mead From an Ancient 17th Century Recipe
Groennfell Chaos Cyser & other recipes
Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead
Aegir’s Braggot 5 gallon recip


BJCP Style Guidelines
Morebeer: Off-flavors in beer

Saison / Farmhouse

Yeast Roundup
Saison How Rye I Am (Rye Saison) Recipe
More Cowbell Farmhouse
Tank 7 Clone
Cottage House Saison
Saison BBD Saison Furtif

Wheat Wine

BYO Wheat Wine Recipe