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Cold Steeping Grains

Crystal Malt vs. Caramel Malt, Are they the same?

Homebrewtalk: Yes
Brulosophy: Yes
Homebrew StackXChange: Not really
Beersmith: Yes
Breiss: Sometimes?

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Kentucky Common

Kentucky Common “Kiss Yer Cousin” Rye Kentucky Common Ale, the Genesis of the Deathtrap Recipe 

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Kveik World Order
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Mead Making

How to Make Mead From an Ancient 17th Century Recipe
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Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead
Aegir’s Braggot 5 gallon recip


BJCP Style Guidelines
Morebeer: Off-flavors in beer
Ryan Brews


Treating Coconut for Brewing

Heat your oven to 250F. Gotta be patient with this toasting.

Lay 4 layers of paper towel on a baking tray. Then put the coconut on top, spread evenly. Place a layer of paper towel on the top. This prevents any scorching of the coconut.

Bake for 40 minutes. Remove the coconut and place in a bowl, you’ll see that there will be ALOT of oil in the paper towel. Remove the paper towel and discard.

Lay 2 layers of paper towel on the baking tray. Re-add the coconut and put another layer of paper towel on the top. Bake for 20 minutes.

Remove coconut and place into a sanitized bowl. Sanitize a funnel too and possibly something stick like to use for poking stuck coconut from the funnel. Usually I don’t need a poking stick.

Toss all of the coconut straight into the fermenter after fermentation is mostly (or completely) done. Give it at least 3 days then cold crash. When cold crashing, every once in awhile give the fermenter a light shake. The coconut likes to hang out at the top but a tiny bit of agitation and it will fall to the bottom. Once it collects to the bottom, rack to keg 🙂 I use a mesh bag around my siphon to make sure no coconut makes its way to the keg.

Saison / Farmhouse

Yeast Roundup
Saison How Rye I Am (Rye Saison) Recipe
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Wheat Wine

BYO Wheat Wine Recipe

Extract Brewing

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